Downspout , Sump, Property Drainage Systems

We specialize in residential or commercial underground drainage options for downspouts and sump pump systems.

Driveway / Road Culvert Excavation and Installation

Whether you are looking for a brand new culvert installation or to have your existing culvert repaired, we at Rees Construction have you covered.

Concrete Base Material Grading 

Base material preparation for concrete structures or slabs.

Retaining Walls, Sod, gravel driveways 


Bedrock Removal 

We can remove even the toughest of bedrock outcrops on your property or even extruding through your foundation, we use a non explosive compound and equipment to effectively remove stubborn bedrock plaguing your property.


Demolition for large or small Interior and Exterior Structures, Chimneys, Fire places, Concrete, Mold Remediation, Fire Damage, Water Damage.


We offer simple solutions to ugly cosmetic issues with your property by parging the exterior foundation walls with a beautiful sponged finish.


Excavations (Residential / Commercial / Industrial


Commercial Snow Removal





Foundation Waterproofing

Blue Skin / Weeping Tile Systems

The right solution for your leaky or wet basement, with our 2 layer exterior basement waterproofing we ensure no water issues plague your home.


We ensure all possible seams on our basement waterproofing are covered with added protection to keep your investment in top condition.

With years of experience and know-how under our belt, your project is in safe hands.

Foundation Repairs 

Corefill Structural Services and More

Structural repairs left without attention to foundations can cost you much more than just a wet basement, foundations that have severe cracking or total structural failure require repair immediately before it effects other structural portions of your home.

With Core fill services we change masonry foundations where failure has occured or is becoming increasingly worse to a poured foundation by repairing the failure, filling the cells of the block with new structural concrete. 

Repairing the failure without forming a new wall keeps your project cost to a minimum saving you more money.


Interior / Exterior Demolition Services

Demolition solutions from Simple renovations, Mold Remediation, Fire, Water Damage. We have you covered form the beginning to the end with removing the need for worrying about the demolition phase of your project.